Company history

1988 Technische Alternative was founded by the families Fichtenbauer and Zimmel as a typical 'garage company'.

The non-profit association was converted into Technische Alternative GmbH.
Development, manufacture, and distribution of solar controllers, with the motto 'electronics for energy efficiency'.

1993 Move into first company building.
1998 Enlargement of company building completed. A 100 m² solar thermal system heats a 90 m³ seasonal storage tank, and thus provides a large proportion of the heating energy. Electricity is obtained from a 3 kW photovoltaic system.

10th jubilee of Technische Alternative.
Introduction of SMD technology in manufacture.

2006 Introduction of lead-free soldering process.

20th jubilee of Technische Alternative.
Enlargement of company building completed: more office, development and storage space.

2010 Further enlargement of company building according to low energy standars.


Technische Alternative
Elektronische Steuerungsgerätegesellschaft m.b.H
A-3872 Amaliendorf
Langestraße 124
Tel.: +43 (0)2862 53635
Fax.: +43 (0)2862 53635 7