Product history

1988 Already in the founding year, 500 simple solar controllers are sold.
1989 Development of multi-circuit controllers. Mass-produced display screen and delivery with all necessary accessories as a complete package allow rapid growth; the number of units sold reaches 1500.
1992 Solar computer SLC64 is the first device on the European market that allows selection from numerous hydraulic schemes and control programs via entry of a program number.
1995 Tests and introduction of the first speed-control process for simple circulation pumps. All controllers are processor controlled and have a data output for remote display and data logging.
1996 New speed technology based on wave packets, unique in Europe.
Introduction of considerably more hydraulic schemes and functions in the standard control programs.
First controller patented for sanitary water heating.
1998 Product range expands to include heating circuit controllers and heat meters.
TA is the first European company to integrate an intelligent solar start function.
1999 Manufacture begins to change to SMD.
Second patent for sanitary water heating.
2000 Development of the freely programmable controller UVR1611 begins..
2002 Already in the first year of manufacture of the UVR1611, one of the very first freely programmable heating devices, more than 3000 units are being delivered.
The programming platform TAPPS for UVR1611 is introduced. 
The bootloader, a data hub between PC and UVR1611 controller, is also being completed.
2003 Introduction of the simple solar controller ESR21 and single/triple circuit universal controller UVR61-3.
2004 CAN bus technology for UVR1611 in a network.
2005 Further development of data analysis for simple solar controllers.
USB interface for bootloader completed.
2006 All electronics manufacture changed to a lead-free soldering process.
Ethernet connection on the bootloader allows access to the UVR1611 control technology over the Internet.
2007 CAN- busconverter for additional interfaces for UVR1611

Umstellung der Datenleitung auf DL-Bus

Conversion of the data link to DL- Bus

2009 Introduction of the simple solar system with graphical display: ESR31
2010 New in the product range, the solar station SOLSTAR
2011 New Products: the fresh water controller FWR21 and the electronic volume flow sensor HUBA
2012 Expansion of our product range:
  • CAN- Touch with programming software TA- Designer
  • Three circuit universal controller with graphical display UVR63
  • Energy meter CAN- EZ
  • Room sensor with remote display RAS-PLUS
  • Wireless system
  • Solarstation with heat quantity counter
2013 Introduction of the fresh water station FRISTAR and the remote building monitoring GFU22

C.M.I.The Control and Monitoring Interface (C.M.I.), as the successor product to the BL-NET, and the oxygen sensor O2-DL are added to the product range.



As the successor product to the 100.000 times proven UVR1611, the UVR16x2 gets released at the end of 2014.


Universal Dreiwegeventil UDVIntroduction of the power units  UVR16x2E-DE and UVR16x2E-NP.

The universal three-way valve UDV, probably the most universal valve of the world, gets completed.


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