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Readme - Information fo changes and compatibility

Please observer the following instructions:


  • The TAPPS user must have write access rights to the program directory on the computer (by default: “C:\Program files\Technische Alternative\Tapps\“)!
  • TAPPS should be installed outside the program files directory ("C:\Program files\..."), if it cannot be started correctly from this directory. In this case TAPPS can for example be alternatively installed under the path "C:\Technische Alternative\Tapps\".
  • If the error message "File “…\Tapps.exe“ (or components) not found.", appears when TAPPS is started, then Windows is configured in such a way that no 16-bit compatible path is created. In this case, TAPPS must be installed in a path, in which there is no folder name longer than 8 characters (e.g. "C:\Tapps\").
  • In a few rare cases, another printer must be set as the default printer in the Windows control panel in order to ensure that TAPPS can start correctly.

Windows 8 32-Bit:

Due to changed access options for the user to the program folder of Windows 8, TAPPS have to be installed outside the program folder (e.g. "C\Technische Alternative\...").
When reinstalling TAPPS under Windows 8, the default path "C\Technische Alternative" is proposed now.

Windows 8 64-Bit:

Like all 16-bit applications, TAPPS doesn´t run directly on 64-bit operating systems. To run TAPPS on Windows 8 64-bit anyway, you have to use a virtual PC, which uses a 32-bit operating system. 
For this purpose you can use the free virtualization software VirtualBox from Oracle. 
NOTE: To set up a virtual PC, a Windows installation medium (DVD) is necessary.
The following manual describes how to install and setup Windows XP on VirtualBox. You can use all 32-bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 too. 
This manual is only available in German: TAPPS on Windows 8 64-bit

Windows 7 32-Bit:

If TAPPS cannot be started correctly under Windows 7 32-bit, the program must be executed in Compatibility mode for Windows XP (service pack 3). Compatibility mode can be activated by right-clicking the program icon on the Desktop then selecting the mode under the Compatibility tab of the Properties option.

Windows 7 64-Bit:

As Windows 7 64-bit does not support any 16-bit applications, Tapps essentially cannot run under Windows 7 64-bit!
However for the Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions, Microsoft offers a way of also running TAPPS on a computer operating under Windows 7 64-bit by use of the free virtualisation software "Windows XP Mode".
Detailed information about the installation and use of XP-mode and TAPPS under Windows 7 64-bit, can be found in the following document: Tapps with XP-Mode under Windows7 64-bit

Windows Vista 32-Bit:

To be able to run TAPPS under Windows Vista 32-bit, Service Pack 1 or higher must be installed!

Windows Vista 64-Bit:

As Windows Vista 64-bit does not support any 16-bit applications, TAPPS cannot be run under Windows Vista 64-bit!




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