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Freely programmable universal controller UVR16x2


The UVR16x2 is the successor to the 100,000 times proven UVR1611.

The device provides numerous control options for heating and facility management through 40 different function modules that can be combined at random. Linking up to 128 functions leaves the programmer with virtually no limits. A 4.3“ touch display serves as user interface. A graphical overview of the important control parameters (e.g. heating times, hot water target temperature etc.) can be defined for convenient system operation.



Freely programmable universal controller UVR1611


The UVR1611 unit can practically be freely programmed to match every system configuration for heating space management through the use of function modules. As every function module can be called multiple times, even complex control systems such as solar systems with several collector fields and tanks or several weather-controlled heating circuits can be implemented.

Three circuit universal controller UVR63


Three circuit universal controller  with graphical display for up to 3 independent hydraulic circuits

The three circuit universal controller UVR61-3 and UVR63 feature various thermostatic, differential temperature and speed control functions for use in solar thermal and heating systems. The desired control function is obtained by entering the program number.

C.M.I - Control and Monitoring Interface

Dimensions C.M.I.

The C.M.I. is an interface for convenient system monitoring, remote control, data logging and visualisation of all controllers with DL or CAN bus .


  • Remote maintenance of CAN bus devices
  • Function data administration for CAN bus devices
  • Operating system management for CAN bus devices
  • System visualisation via PC, smart phone or tablet
  • Revision of parameters of CAN bus devices via visualisation
  • Data logging via CAN bus or DL bus
  • Event-controlled notification via e-mail
  • DIN rail or wall mount
  • Plug & play solution via server



The CAN-Touch is a 10“ LCD monitor with a touch-sensitive surface. It provides a display and operating interface for the freely programmable UVR1611 control.

Universal heating controller HZR65


The HZR65 unit has, alongside a mixer controller for a heating circuit, various thermostat, differential temperature and speed control functions for heating and charging pumps. The desired control function is specified by entering the program number of the selected flow scheme.


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