Support for specialized companies only


We think that you as our customer should never be left to cope on your own with a problem in one of our products. Because the responsible use of resources is very important to us, we do not want our customers to purchase a new device because of excessive repair charges.
Hence we take great care to ensure your unit is repaired under customer-friendly conditions.

In general

Make sure you use our telephone support! Our qualified team members have a suitable solution for nearly every problem so that in most cases there is no need to send us your device. Our analyses have shown that, depending on the type of device, 30 to 60% of sent devices do not have a defect. In most cases the problem is due to a a setup or operating error. Our trained team members will be happy to help you solve your problems and avoid the unnecessary costs caused by sending your device.

What we need to know in any case:

  1. What controller do you use?
  2. What ist the serial number of this controller?
  3. What operating system version do you use?
  4.  From what source did you get the controller?


See the "notes for the incident" section in your manual for possible solutions and troubleshooting.


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