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Important notice – please read before downloading!

This page offers current beta-builds of our software and firmware. Please note that beta versions are by definition explicitly not meant for usage in the field! Please ensure that any potential error cannot cause harm to persons or property!
The Technische Alternative RT GmbH is not responsible for any damage caused by disregard of this notice.

Overview of relevant new features:

Manual mode for outputs

It might be useful in some case to set outputs into manual mode, right in TAPPS2. Such as when initializing a (complex) system step-by-step, where sensory equipment must be checked and actuators switch separately, before automatic operation begins. When importing function data (*.dat), manual modes set on the controller are also imported into TAPPS2.

Since TAPPS2 is used to configure the automatic operation of system, but outputs generally shouldn’t be set to manual mode during automatic operation, a warning will be displayed when exporting while outputs are set to manual mode.

Manual mode for CORA devices

CORA devices that have manual modes available:

  • Immersion heater EHS
  • Pump group PMG

Deleting referenced input/output symbols and resetting the referenced input/output to “unused” (Shift+Del).


  • Scenario: two symbols, each for input 1
  • Deletion with Del: only the selected input symbol is deleted from the drawing
  • Deletion with Shift+Del: the selected input symbol is deleted from the drawing and its referenced input 1 are set to “unused”

This feature is available for all kind of inputs/outputs (hardware and busses) and fixed values.

Support for extensions of UVR16x2 in firmware V1.58 Beta

  • New function Curve function 2D
  • “Curve function” has been renamed to Curve function 3D
  • Supports CORA device Radiator thermostat HKT
  • Supports CORA device Pump group PMG
  • Supports CORA device Extension TDI5-DL
  • New system value “Output manual mode”: set to “ON” if at least one hardware output is set to manual mode
  • Analogue function: every input variable now has its own “Enable” pin, which controls if the corresponding input variable should be regarded in modes minimum, maximum, average and sum

The addresses of Modbus inputs/outputs are now freely adjustable for Modbus slaves.

A complete overview of the changes can be found in the changelogs.


TA-Designer Beta


The CAD software TAPPS2 allows creating configurations graphically for all x2 devices and the UVR1611.

x2 Simulator Beta

Software to simulate the x2 function data for UVR16x2 and RSM610 on the PC.


Max.version before Upgrade: 1.36 Min.version before Upgrade: 1.37