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Universal heating controllerheating controller

Abmessungen [mm]:

The UVR63-H unit has a complex mixer control for a single heating circuit. Likewise, a charging pump with return flow booster can be realised using a motor mixer. The desired control function is obtained by entering the program number.

Icon InputsInputs: 6Icon OutputsOutputs: 3+2Icon DL-master
Icon InterfacesInterfaces: DL-Bus

Detail information

  • 2 relay outputs (e.g. for a mixer)
  • 1 triac output
  • 2 control outputs: PWM / 0-10V
  • More than 100 different programs can be set
  • Freely programmable time switch (five time programs each with three windows)
  • Freely selectable assignment of time programs to weekdays
  • Shift worker time program
  • 3 heat meters possible
  • DL bus for data evaluation on the PC via C.M.I. and for connection of external sensors
  • Program-dependent expansion option with auxiliary relay HIREL-STAG (e.g. burner requirement)


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