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Gespräch bei der am Stand montierten UVR16x2
Die UVR16x2 stößt wie jedes Jahr auf großes Interesse.
Messestand der Technische Alternative
Der neue Messestand punktet mit freundlicher und heller Gestaltung und natürlich mehr Platz.
Ein Kollege erklärt den neuen Raumsensor mit Fernanzeige RAS+DL
Ein Kollege erklärt den neuen Raumsensor mit Fernanzeige RAS+DL
Eine montierte UVR65
Die neue UVR65 kommt bei den Besuchern sehr gut an.

A look back at the Energy efficiency fair in Wels

We've attended the "Energiesparmesse" [eng.: "Energy efficiency fair"] from february 28th to march 4th in Wels, Austria, armed with our new fair booth. The interest that attendees have shown in our devices, the new UVR65 especially, was quite high.

After a long time of planning and execution to realize our new fair booth, we were happy to use it for the first time on february 28th. The two days reserved for expert visitors on Wednesday and Thursday are traditionally the ones with higher frequency and plenty of well-known faces of partners and year-long customers. From Firday to Sunday we also saw rising interest with end consumers.

This year we presented the UVR65, a new universal controller. This controller boasts with high flexibility, thanks to over 800 adjustable programms. Additionally, it has a CAN-Bus port and can be maintained and operated remotely using the C.M.I., which definitely contributed to the good reception. The UVR65 will likely ship sometime in the second quarter of 2018.

With the PV heating rod, predicted for the third quarter of 2018, called ATON as wel as the new DHW station FRISTAR2WP, we had two more newcomers to boast with. The concept of the booth has shown especially useful for the presentation of the popular x2-tech series of devices. The visitors could experience the devices in real time and test the interaction between the controllers, the operating devices with visualization and extension modules. Especially the access access via Android- and iOS-App as well as Web portal was met with strong interest.

We're already looking forward to the fair next year, again in Wels, going from Ferbraury 27th to March 3rd 2019.