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Beta versions released

Beta versions released

New versions of our software and firmware available now.

Two important things to note: project files (TAPPS2 .tdw and TA-Designer .xml) saved with these beta versions cannot be opened with the current stable releases. Always create a backup of your projects. Furthermore, these beta versions are not intended for productive use in real projects.

Many new things

One of the most requested features is a manual mode for outputs and CORA devices. This is especially useful for initial startups of (complex) systems, which require checking measurements and separate switching of actuators.

Due to the new TAPPS function “2D curve function”, the previous “curve function” has been renamed to “3D curve function”. The 2D curve function is, among others, suitable for vapor pressure tables of cooling agents for heat pumps.

To use libraries together with colleagues in (company) networks, TAPPS2 now offers “shared libraries” alongside local libraries. Directories can be set freely. Please make sure to never set the Beta version’s directory of libraries to that of your regular TAPPS2 version. Libraries and drawings of version 1.20 Beta cannot be opened with version 1.19.1 or older!

The Beta versions support future CORA devices and a few new system values and units. CORA devices can now also be updates using a CMI (version at least 1.42).

Lastly, adjustments for Modbus RTU are features in these Beta versions.