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Grafik x2-tech Update Day
x2-tech Update Day

Big Update for the x2 series of devices

A big update for our x2 series of devices has been released today. Among smaller changes and improvements, it's now possible to display messages from other devices.

With the update to our x2 series of devices (UVR16x2, RSM610, CAN-BC2, ...) we finally bring you the much requested possibility to display message on other x2 devices. You can, for example, display messages generated on an RSM610 on your CAN-MTx2. As far as devices have a slot for and SD card, you can now have them log data directly on it.

A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog of the respective firmware of software. Here's an overview of the most important changes (details found in the changelog):

UVR16x2 and RSM610

  • several new variables for, among other, cascade, timer, shading function, heating circuit control and blind control
  • several new units and system values
  • Changes and bugfixes to heating circuit control, shading function, gradient detection, message and many more (see changelog)


  • Alerts for a range of error in your programming (unused inputs/outputs were not defined as such, signal acceptance present without corresponding signal transmission and vice versa)
  • several improvements to program operation
  • user defined designations can now be made specific to a language, translated, then automatically replaced when changing language.


  • several days (up to 7) can now be displayed in the diagram of measurements
  • supports data logging to SD card


  • The new set of symbols for 2017 is now included