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Beginner's seminar in Amaliendorf, Austria
Beginner's seminar in Amaliendorf, Austria

Few remaining spots for seminars in Germany

We hold seminars for beginners, experts and for visulalization in April and May in Germany. Near Frankfurt at the end of April and in Olching near Munich at the beginning of May.

The seminar hotel "Hotel zum Löwen" in Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany, sits in the calm and udeal location near Frankfurt am Main. The almost fully booked up beginner's seminar incl. visualization takes place from April 24th to 26th. At the same time, we're holding an expert's seminar on April 24th to 25th. and lastly a single-day visualization seminar on April 26th.

The Hotel Schiller has already hosted our seminars a couple of times. A bit of a ways outside of Munich, in Olching to be exact, this hotel offers good conditions for our seminars. Three seminars take place there as well, but the beginner's seminar is already fully booked. On May 7th. and 8th, there's still some spots available for the expert's seminar, as well as the visualization seminar on May 9th.

While the beginner's seminars cover the basics of the UVR16x2's progrmaming and operation, the expert's seminar puts some focus on more complex systems, blinds and lighting control and for example data logging and system monitoring from afar.