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Produktkatalog 2018

New product catalogue 2018

Our new product catalogue for 2018 has recently been released. All list prices remain unchanged as compared to last year.

You can order your own copy here. Please note that some devices are now stated as discontinued products (see catalogue page 44). We recommend that you switch to the successor deviceUVR65.

Besdies smaller new releases, the following products are noteworthy:


A new universal controller, meant to replace a multitude of our heating and mutli-circuit controllers. With more than 800 pograms to choose from, CAN-Bus, remote access via C.M.I. and much more. The UVR65 will probably ship within the second quarter of 2018. Link to the device


Annouced for the second half of the year is a new category of product. The ATON is an eletronic heating rod to make use of excess PV-energy. Thanks to wireless communication with the energy meter, installation and commissioning are very simple. Read more.


The new room sensor with remote display recently replaced the RAS-PLUS and the RAS-PLUS/F. In addition to room temperature and humidity, ambient air pressure and dew point are measured. Link to the product


A DHW station for systems with lower flow temperatures, like it's the case with heat pumps. The FRISTAR2WP will probably ship by the end of April 2018. Link to the product

Legal notice

Please note our new Repair and service conditions. Our Terms of business have changed in regards to return of goods.