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Participants and lecturer of a beginner's seminar for the universal controller 16x2
Beginner's seminar in Amaliendorf, Austria

Registration deadline for seminars in Hannover, Germany

If you wish to attend a seminar in late August, you should sign up in the coming days.

Update August 29th:
The seminars are taking place niw. If you're interested, you can inform and also sign up directly for further seminar dates on our page for seminars.

Article from June 20th:
Only a few spots are left for our seminars dated August 28th to 30th. For administrative purposes, we can only accept registrations up until June 27th.

Experience tells us, that many people are holding out on signing up and end up forgetting about the deadline.

Therefore: Sign up now at Support and Service > Seminars.

The seminars:

  • Beginner's seminar (August 28th to 30th)
  • Expert's seminar (August 28th to 29th)
  • Visualization seminar (August 30th)

If you sign up for the exerpt's and the visualization seminar, you'll get a discount for the combination of those two only.