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Wireless system

Wireless system


Using the 868 MHz wireless system up to 8 wireless sensors can be coupled to the wireless receiver RCV-DL. In the open air the range extends to 1000 m while in buildings at least 2 steel-reinforced concrete ceilings/walls can be transmitted through.

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The wireless room sensor transmits the following data: room temperature, desired deviation (+/- 5 °C from the rotary wheel position) plus the operating mode (normal, lowering or automatic mode or frost protection function). By use of jumpers, the room sensor is converted to a pure remote control with a fixed value of 20 °C instead of the room temperature. A CR2032 battery supplies the sensor.

Dimensions: 81.5 x 81.5 x 18 mm

As for the RAS-F but with additional measurement of the room humidity and calculation of the dew point.

Dimensions: 81.5 x 81.5 x 18 mm

For measuring the solar radiation [W/m²]. The sensor simplifies system startup or makes possible more precise „switching up“ in the priority consumers with multi-circuit solar systems. The sensor is supplied from a small solar panel. A PT1000 collector sensor can be connected to the GBS-F, the measurement value of which is likewise transmitted to the receiver.
The GBS-F+KPT is delivered with the PT1000 collector sensor.

Dimensions: 98 x 59 x 36 mm

The receiver forwards the signal via the DL bus to the controller. During startup, the transmitters to the receiver are allocated unique DL bus addresses.

DL bus load 43 %

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