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Room sensor with remote display


Room sensor with remote display

The RAS+DL transfers the value of the room temperature, the room humidity, the dew point, absolute humidity, air pressure, the operating mode and the correction value to the nominal value (+/- 4K) via the DL bus. It also functions as a remote display for the sensor values, output statuses, heat meters and network inputs received from the controller via the DL bus.

The RAS+DL replaces the RAS-Plus and the RAS-Plus/F.

Icon DL-slave
Price group 1

replaces 01/RAS-PLUS and 01/RAS-PLUS/F

For all room sensors, the controls (dial and selector) will be changed from grey to white (as shown) over the course of the year.

Dimensions: 81.5 x 81.5 x 18 mm

DL bus load without 12V supply: 20 %
DL bus load with 12V supply: 10 %


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