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Single circuit solar controller, Charging pump controller, Single circuit controller as PV versionsolar array controller, charging pump controller, swimming pool controller


The ANS21 or ANS21-L unit is a solar controller which has been kept deliberately simple when it comes to installation and operation. Both, the collector and the tank temperature, are indicated using light bars. The ANS21-PV is suitable for operation in direct current networks up to 24V. Switching between solar and load pump function is possible regardless of the front diagram.

Icon InputsInputs: 2Icon OutputsOutputs: 1

Detail information

  • 1 relay output
  •  Adjustable differential temperature
  • Overtemperature protection for the tank or minimum threshold for boiler
  • Separate display for generator and tank temperature
  • Collector overtemperature switch-off
  • Sensor short circuit and open circuit detection

Dimensions: 126,8 x 76,5 x 45,5 mm


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