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Touch Monitor x2 4.3"

The CAN-MTx2 with its 4.3" touchscreen serves as an operating unit for CAN-Bus networks, though it can also work with its own function data, created using TAPPS2 (version 1.18 or higher). The software TA-Designer can be used to create a customized graphical user interface with up to 350 pages, where individual pages can be locked for certain users.

Additionally, the CAN-MTx2 allows for full access to other controllers in the network. The concept of operation is the same as with the controller UVR16x2 and features internal sensory equipment for room temperature and humidity (Sensor for ambient air pressure got cancelled per serial no. MTX2-015273 in November '21)

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End users operate the system via simple user interfaces. With the TA-Designer, you can create these interfaces to suit your project.

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