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2017 product catalogue

We are pleased to present our new product catalogue, valid from 01/03/2017. The list prices for all current products remain unchanged.

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Once again, there are lots of new products!

  • CAN-MTx2-CO2: CAN monitor with integral CO2 sensor for capturing indoor air quality
  • CAN-BC2: CAN bus converter – additional interfaces for CAN bus appliances (KNX, Modbus, M-bus)
  • KNX module, Modbus / M-Bus module
  • FTS14-240DL: volume flow sensor with measuring range from 14 to 240 l/min

Small devices in new universal housing for wall mounting and top-hat rail installation:

Thermocouples, differential pressure sensors and other new small devices:

  • ACON34: new analogue signal converter
  • DL-BC2: new data link bus coupler
  • IK22: pulse converter
  • IS-DL: current sensor
  • HIREL22: relay module

New UVR1611 universal controller models and article numbers

  • UVR1611K-N: controller with new wall mounting base – same mounting base as UVR16x2
  • UVR1611S-N: controller with terminal mounting plate for control panel/top-hat rail installation

Changes to article numbers/designations:

  • HIREL-230V: 230 V relay module with current distributor (previously HIREL16x2)
  • HIREL-PF: potential-free relay module (previously HIREL1611)
  • VIG: flow rate pulse encoder (previously VSG flow rate encoder)

new software

 We would like to inform you about our new software:


Winsol 2.06




X2-Simulator 1.22

RSM-Simulator 1.09



TA-Designer 1.16

TA-Designer 1.17 Beta A




TAPPS2 1.09





CAN-Touch for x2 devices

!!!You need hardwarerevision 2.0!!!

With this firmware you are able to use the CAN-Touch with x2 technology.

Download Firmware CAN-Touch

Download TA-Designer 1.16 Beta




!!! UPDATE !!!

TAPPS2 V1.09


Fixed bug when copying functions (bug since version 1.08).
If the order of the functions which are copied, was changed by "Sort functions", the copies got invalid numbers, which led to damaged drawing files and program crashes.
Such damaged files will be corrected automatically when opened.



Reincorporation of Technische Alternative RT GmbH


Owing to continuous changes in the market, our company has recently undergone legal and strategic restructuring. To this end, a new manufacturing and distribution company, Technische Alternative RT GmbH, has been founded. Technische Alternative RT GmbH will be given a new, uniform corporate design that will feature throughout our advertising and information materials. The product range, as well as our support and repair policy, will remain unchanged.

Please note the new company name and data:
Technische Alternative RT GmbH
VAT: ATU71986719  
FB-No.: FN 466028 k 
Everything else remains unchanged.

Library UVR16x2

UVR16x2Now you are able to download a library for the UVR16x2:

  • Now there are 22 types
  • Each of them has a scheme, description, programm, function overview UVR16x2, online scheme and a dokumentation



new firmware


RSM610-Simulator now available

RSM610-SimulatorThe RSM610 simulator could be used for testing programs for the RSM610




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