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UVR16x2 - Plus X Award

UVR16x2Plus X Award

We are proud to announce that our freely programmable universal controller UVR16x2 has been honoured as the best product 2015/2016 by the renowned Plus X Award.

Convince yourself of the nearly unlimited control possibilities and excellent quality of this product.

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New products

We want to inform you about new products which will be available immediately:


Wireless Router WNA

This router is an expansion to the C.M.I. It is delivered with an individual mains adapter and can take on different functions via Ethernet connection to the C.M.I.:


Swimming pool controller SBR22

The controller SBR 22 is an easy to use differential control for solar charging of swimming pools and suitable for two hydraulic versions.



TAPPS2 1.01 released

TAPPS2TAPPS2 is now available in several languages!

TAPPS2 allows the graphical creating of configurations for the control units UVR16x2 and UVR1611.

More information...


TA- Designer - Version 1.11

TA-DesignerA new version of TA- Designer is available for download.



Here are the most important changes:

  • Drawing of graphics is possible now
  • Values can be copied from a CAN- Touch to a C.M.I. site
  • Changeable values in the schematic of C.M.I. can now be locked only for the user too

Radio system – important revision

In order to be able to offer energy conservation radio solutions in the future, the transmission format as well as the frequency had to be changed.All already delivered parts will no longer be able to communicate with future versions.

We offer a free update for the radio room sensors and receivers for the expansion of existing systems. Radio radiation sensors cannot be updated. In the future, all manuals will point out the situation clearly on the cover sheet already.


Online help

Recently, our new online help portal went online. There you find different assistance for our various products. You can access the web portal via help.ta.co.at



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