Popular UVR1611 components

Freely programmable universal controller UVR1611


The UVR1611 unit can be freely programmed to match every system configuration for heating space management through the use of function modules. As every function module can be called multiple times, even complex control systems such as solar systems with several collector fields and tanks or several weather-controlled heating circuits can be implemented.



The CAN-Touch is a 10“ LCD monitor with a touch-sensitive surface. It provides a display and operating interface for the freely programmable UVR1611 control. As many pages as required can be defined so that the system schematic diagram is optimally portrayed. Any values of the controller can be displayed on the individual pages, where these values can also originate from several controllers. Controller parameters can be changed directly via the CAN-Touch. (e.g. time windows, nominal temperatures etc.)

Expansion module CAN-I/O

CAN-I/O 35

The CAN-I/O module provides additional inputs and outputs for the freely programmable universal controller UVR1611. 

CAN-I/O 44 - four inputs, three relay outputs and one analog output 
CAN-I/O 35 - three inputs, three relay outputs and two analog outputs


CAN energy meter


The CAN-EZ energy meter is used for heat quantity counting and electrical energy metering. The device calculates the performance factor of the heat pump with these measured values. The parameterisation of the CAN energy meter is identical to that of the CAN I/O module.

CAN monitor


The CAN monitor is a display and operating unit for the freely programmable universal controller UVR1611 and serves simultaneously as a room sensor, the CAN-MT for monitoring room temperature, in the version CAN-MT/F it also serves as a humidity sensor. It works using the same operating concept as the UVR1611 controller, communication takes place over a CAN bus.


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