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About us

Three decades of innovation

Since 1989, Technische Alternative has focused on developing control technology that saves energy. At our location in Amaliendorf in Austria, we produce electronic solar and heating system controllers with innovative functions for the national and international market. Our portfolio ranges from straightforward single circuit universal control devices, right through to freely programmable universal controllers that can act as central control systems for all your heating and building management requirements, or for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Using energy economically and efficiently is an important matter for us – not least at our own business premises. A solar thermal system with a collector area of 85 m² heats a 90 m³ seasonal storage tank, thus providing a considerable proportion of the heating energy we require. The remainder is supplied by a pellet boiler.

Electrical energy is obtained from a 20 kW photovoltaic system and wind farms. The office extensions built in 2008, and the extended production facility constructed in 2010, comply with low energy standards.

Mitarbeiter vor PC bei CAD-Konstruktion UVR16x2
CAD Konstruktion
Unsere Entwicklungsabteilung

Product Development

All aspects of our products are developed in-house including the design, the electronics and the software of our devices. Continuously our highly qualified team of developers works in close cooperation with our customers to improve and extend our products.

High tech manufacturing

Thanks to many years of experience, our SMD production line is able to guarantee the highest possible levels of flexibility and performance. The transition to fully automatic production allows us to make optimum use of resources by deploying the latest manufacturing technologies, and ensures a consistently high level of quality.

We can therefore produce standard products in large quantities as well as prototypes within a very short time and under the best possible conditions.

Mitarbeiterin in der SMD Fertigung
Eigene SMD Fertigung
our headquarter
Unser Firmengebäude


Our company is based in the north of Austria, in the idyllic region of Waldviertel, just a few kilometres from the Czech border.
You will find us  in the small village of Amaliendorf, surrounded by forests and meadows.