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Repair and service conditions

This version of our Repair and Service conditions ist valid from 1st March 2023.


If the device is past its warranty period of 2 years or was damaged by improper handling (e.g., overvoltage), costs are billed according to the pricing table below.

If repairs are no longer possible, you will be informed. If the description of the fault is insufficient, additional administrative and technical costs of 30 € will be billed, regardless of the warranty period. Labor costs of exchanging devices and expenses for the determination of faults are explicitly not covered by us.

Repair with replacement device

An exchange of devices must be agreed upon with a support technician of the Technische Alternative RT GmbH and constitutes a voluntary service of ours. The defective device and attached exchange advice form must be fully returned to us within one month after receipt of the exchange device. Additionally, customers agree to the following terms when requesting an exchange:

For every device exchange outside the warranty period, a handling fee of 65€ is billed. A device exchange is generally only possible for freely programmable devices. Excluded from device exchange are ATON, FRISTAR and UVR1611 with a serial number below 100,000. For devices within the warranty period, no handling fee will be billed. Exceptions apply for devices damaged by improper handling. Additional repair fees may also arise. If repairing the device is no longer possible or viable, the value of the exchange device will be billed.

Unfounded complaint

If, after inspection, no defect in the device is found (operating error, instruction manual not followed), the device shall be returned against payment of an inspection charge of € 50.

Packing and shipping costs

No shipping fees will be billed within the EU. For differing delivery addresses, handling fees of 10 € will be billed. Outside the EU, costs are billed as per actual expenses. Non-prepaid deliveries will be billed after the fact.

Data backup

We assume no liability for data loss.

Price Overview

 65 Euro+30 EuroOriginal Price
Basis costsx  
Devices older 10 yearsxx 
Additional costs * x 
Small devices **  x

* Additional costs due to missing or insufficient error descriptions, such as “defective device” or “doesn’t work”.
** In terms of our repair service, small devices are all devices with a listed price below the minimum charge of 65€. The original price is the listed price excl. discounts and incl. VAT.

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