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With the CORA-HKT, radiators and floor heating systems can be controlled via radio or cable. Several thermostats can be grouped and controlled together (e.g. room by room) via a x2 control unit like the UVR610 or CAN-MTx2. The CORA HKT detects the room temperature itself or receives it via the control system. It also recognises windows that are opened or closed in the vicinity via the temperature change and can react accordingly.

CORA wireless on board 

Separate rooms or entire apartments can be controlled in combination with a CAN monitor (CAN-MTx2).

The CORA-HKT can communicate via radio or cable. Power can be supplied either via batteries or cable.

Product details

CORA radiator thermostat

The radiator thermostat CORA-HKT serves to regulate the flow of radiators or panel heaters (as a step motor on the distributor). One or more thermostat(s) can be connected to a freely programmable x2 device.

  • Connection to a freely programmable x2 device necessary
    • Wireless or cable connection with CAN-EZ3
    • Wireless connection with CAN-MTx2
    • Wired connection with UVR16x2 or UVR610
  • Power supply via
    • 2x AA batteries or
    • 12 V wired (external or from controller)
  • Battery life: typically 2 years (can vary based on motor activity and battery make)
  • glass-fibre reinforced union nut
    • M30x1,5 and M28x1,5
  • Measures room temperature
  • Detects opening of nearby window through temperature drops

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