Everything under control.


From heating control, solar, cooling circuit and ventilation control to entire building automation and energy management: Building automation done right.

Programming example: Excess power charging

Our latest example shows how to use a charging station with our CAN-EZ3 smart meter. Details in the video (german language).

A million systems

Since 1989, over a million systems are regulated using our products.

40 countries

Systems in over 40 countries are monitored and regulated using our devices.

10,000 users

About 10,000 customers actively use our Web portal for remote maintenance and data logging.

Employee of the SMD production
Internal SMD production

Intelligent control engineering since 1989.

The Technische Alternative develops and produces intelligent controllers for heating and building technology. Especially our freely programmable x2-tech series, consisting of universal controllers and different extension modules Erweiterungsmodulen, make us popular even beyond the german-speaking area. Suitable for just about scenario, our controllers are flexible, updateable and expandable, offering a range of devices for all your current and future projects.

At this point, it's not just controllers with fitting accessories, sensors and operating units that we have to offer, but also domestic hot water stations and an electronic heating rod to make use of excess PV energy.