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Our Philosophy

That's what we stand for.

As a medium sized business located somewhat off the beaten track, we seek to promote and protect the economic and social interests of our region

Kurt Fichtenbauer, Gründer und Inhaber
Ing. Kurt Fichtenbauer, Gründer und Inhaber
DI Andreas Schneider, Geschäftsführer
DI Andreas Schneider, Geschäftsführer

Ever since our company was founded in 1989, we have acted in accordance with the principle that the efficient use of energy is both environmentally protective and an act of social responsibility.

It is clear to us that a responsible approach to the use of energy, and its availability, is essential to the development of a fairer society – and that to act in an energy-conscious manner is crucial to the protection of the environment. Our aim is to make available the technological tools - in the form of electronic control units – that can reduce energy demand and improve quality of life in a way that is future oriented and sustainable.

The economic and social success of our company is founded on our consistent approach, maintaining our focus on customer requirements and continuous product development with full regard to high quality.Our customers can always rely on our full assistance, as our attractive support and maintenance policy shows.

We also undertake to comply with all legal standards and other requirements applicable to our company.

Kurt Fichtenbauer and Andreas Schneider
Managing Directors, Technische Alternative RT GmbH

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