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Product information FRISTAR3

The valve’s servomotor can cause problems with DHW preparation. Here you can find information and help for this case.

Problems with the control valve

As absolute pioneers of the hygienic DHW preparation, we take plenty of pride in our fresh water station FRISTAR3. The steadily growing demand proves once more, that the module is particularly affordable and boasts with its very space-efficient, sleek construction, high control accuracy and quality.

Occasional errors with the servomotor have dampened the latter one of the previously mentioned attributes. Negotiations with the valve’s Swedish producer have been ongoing since March – to improve the quality, and for financial restitution of the incurred expenses. The latter has provisionally been assured on a moderate, transparent bill. Please note, that defective parts must be returned for error analysis to ensure successful restitution.

We have expanded the control electronics in the meantime. Detection of an error leads to an automatic reset of the valve’s internal electronics to disengage its error routine. Meanwhile, we’ve been developing our own control valve under great pressure.