Fresh water preparation

All the performance one might need

A tap capacity of 30 liters per minute at 10 °C spread (FRISTAR2-WP), made possible by the large plate heat exchanger, boasts with marvelous performance. The required tap capacity of a single-family home is usually around 10 liters per minute. As far as the heating systems are concerned, below 50 °C are sufficient to provide a DHW temperature of 45 °C.

Perfectly regulated

There's nothing more annoying than fluctuating water temperatures when all you're trying to do is take a relaxing shower, and all that just because someone else in the house is washing their hands. Thanks to our own ultra-fast warm water sensor, measurements of flow volume and a special regulation algorithm, the FRISTAR2 reaches a speed of DHW regulation that guarantees consistent warm water temperatures at all times.

Simple installation and versatile usability

The FRISTAR2 and FRISTAR2-WP can be ordered for installation to the left or to the right of the buffer cylinder. The DHW station is ready to be installed at delivery. The orientation of the connections can be changed on-site (left/right). You can even put more than one module to use in a cascade formation to be used for bigger homes.