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Catalogue & price list 2023

In this article we give a brief overview of all the new features and changes.

An extraordinary year lies behind us. Demand has exceeded our capacities, which are naturally being progressively expanded. On the other hand, this despicable war brings human suffering and market upheaval.

Of course, we weren’t idle throughout the past year of 2022 – quite the opposite. Thanks to our conservative storage strategies, required materials were mostly available, but delivery times for new parts in excess of 16 months were still a reality. This doesn’t allow us to present new products all that quickly. But we remain optimistic, and 2023 will still have a few “bigger” products to show off. With all that said, a new version of the Control and Monitoring Interface, the CMI, has made it into this catalogue. The CMI-S for switching cabinets has 1.5 division units. Technically, it is based on the CMI, which is still available, but has no connection for a power supply unit and no DL bus.

Speaking of CMI: Due to the ongoing shutdown of the GSM network in Europe, all GSM-related products have been retired (the GSM module, its antenna extension cable, and the CMI-GSM variant).

The AI5-DL was also retired (replaced by the TDI5-DL), same as the wind sensor WIS01 for which we can’t offer a replacement. Regrettably, it’s shown that our suppliers haven’t or couldn’t resolve their quality issues with the display of the CAN-Touch. Incoming components had a rejection rate of 50% and above, and supplied quantities were much too low anyway. This led to our decision of retiring this product due to these issues and low demand. A direct replacement is not available – we are working on alternatives, however.

Thanks to the mostly resolved issues in these areas, our procurement surcharge for components can finally be dropped. Please also note our current RMA conditions!