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EHS and ATON orders reopened

Starting April, limitation apply

Starting April 3rd, our immersion heater products (01/EHS, 01/EHS-R, 01/ATON und 01/ATON+) can be ordered again. To stand a chance against the high demand, certain precautions will be taken and temporary rules apply.

These are as follows:

  • Maximum order quantity of 3 pcs per month.
  • Starting April, pre-orders for the following month are possible..
  • Every concerned product counts as 1 pc.
  • Orders are accepted and processed separately from all other TA products, only per e-mail at .
  • Only orders from wholesale and specialised companies are accepted.


  • The mailbox for orders only open on April 3rd. Orders before that date will be ignored. Do not send orders to or via telephone.
  • Starting April 3rd, orders of ATON/EHS products through any means other than the intended ( will be ignored without exceptions.

We understand that 3 pcs per month is not enough for many of our customers. This limitation is only in place temporarily! Of course we expanded our production capacities, and we expect little rise in capacity due to these precautions. Therefore, we expect to be able to loosen these rules in the summertime.

Any changes will be communicated on our website and our newsletter.