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Large Update 03/22

This update brings several new features and changes that we’d like to explain in this article.

Besides the firmware for all x2 devices, new versions are also available for the RFS-DL and UVR67. Here, we would like to give you an overview of all interesting changes. The respective changelogs contain all changes, new features and bugfixes.

New for the x2 firmware

The message function now has a new parameter that serves to keep the display lit as long as the message is active, only shutting it off again once the message has been dismissed and its cause addressed. A fairly popular request was more user defined designations. The maximum number of these has now been increased from 100 to 250.

For the UVR610S versions with Modbus RTU, the CAN-BC2 with Modbus module and the CAN-EZ3, a feature to signify timeouts on the Modbus has been added.

Furthermore, the IS-DL and FRISTAR3 are now available as CORA devices.Serial numbers of controllers have been added to their system values.


Minimum requirement is now Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer. Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. Our software (this includes TA-Designer and the x2 simulator) has received a digital signature. This signature confirms to consumers that the Technische Alternative RT GmbH is the publisher of said software and that it has not been tampered with after creation of the signature.

The pasting wizard now always appears when copying inputs/outputs (also of data busses) and fixed values into a different project. So far, it only appeared in case of conflicts. This allows users to adjust the assignment in the target project. Furthermore, when hitting Enter in the parameter dialogue, the current value is confirmed and the cursor will jump to the next box. This saves mouse clicks and enables more efficient work.

Starting now, up to 62 projects can be simulated simultaneously. This allows for the simulation of an entire CAN bus network in TAPPS2. The simulation also no longer ends when changing parameters, instead is restarts.

New buttons for manual starting, stopping or resetting of functions during simulation:
Some functions have buttons for manual input. On the device, these buttons are found in the function’s menu on its parameter page, or in the function overview. For example, the function „message“ in the menu of the UVR16x2:

Parameter page of the function „message“ in the menu of the UVR16x2

These buttons are also accessible in the simulation mode of TAPPS2, as far as they’re relevant for the simulation.

The new, blue Button [...] in simulation mode. On Click, the buttons known from the paramater page of UVR16x2s' menu appear.


Simulation of several devices possible.

So far, there was an option to automatically launch the x2 simulator when exporting a function overview. This would display the function overview of a UVR16x2/CAN-MTx2, values for inputs (also for CAN and DL bus) could be assigned here. From now on, all function data in the TA-Designer project is simulated in the background and the function overview is displayed as per usual.

This means that, for example, a combination of UVR610 and CAN-MTx2 with a function overview can be simulated and tested.