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Heat meter set

Set for heat metering

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This set consists of an FTS-DL, two ball valves and a fast-acting temperature sensor PT1000 for mounting inside a ball valve.

The main component of this set is the flow sensor FTS-DL. It transmits the flow volume and temperature using our DL-Bus. The enclosed PT1000 sensor is hooked up to the PCB. Its measurement is also sent to the controller. Additionally, two ball valves are installed, one in the flow and one in the return. If the PT1000 sensor intended for the return is installed in the flow’s ball valve, any differences between FTS-DL and PT1000 sensors can be mitigated using sensor corrections. Afterwards, the PT1000sensor is installed in the return’s ball valve. Thanks to the ball valves, the exact measurement in the fluid, the sensor swap and the (annual) calibration can be done effortlessly.

Available in 1” and ¾” variants

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  • Measurement of flow rates
  • Measurement of media temperature (PT1000 sensor)
  • Connection option of a pressure sensor PRS0-6
  • No moving parts in the flow channel
  • Freely selectable fitting position
  • Measurement principle insensitive to contamination and medium properties
  • Measurement ranges:
    • WMZ-Set 1" with FTS5-85DL: 5 to 85 l/min
    • WMZ-Set 3/4" with FTS4-50DL: 4 to 50 l/min
  • Overall length FTS-DL:
    • WMZ-Set 1": 151 mm
    • WMZ-Set 3/4": 130 mm
  • DL busload 25 %

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