Power to Heat

ATON is a plug & play solution for using surplus PV energy.
It consists of an energy meter and an immersion heater, which can be variably controlled.

All in One.

Neiter an additional smart meter nor a connection to the inverter is neccessary.

3000 W controlled variable

Connected via CORA (wired or wireless), the energy meter transmits the available power to the immersion heater – stagelessly from 50W to 3 kW. This allows for excess power to be consumed as precisely as possible. If required, additional immersion heaters can be added – up to 12 per energy meter – to extend the maximum possible power up to 36 kW – stagelessly regulated throughout.

Plug & Play

ATON components are programmed and coupled by default. The energy meter goes into the control cabinet, the enclosed foldable current transformers are hooked up, the immersion heater is mounted in the cylinder and plugged into a power outlet. Done!

You want more?

No Problem. The energy meter can be programmed with our free software TAPPS2. Add more consumers and control them with our x2 series of devices.

Note for consumers

If you are interested in purchasing this product, please contact your trusted specialist tradesman (electrical engineer, plumber/heating engineer). For warranty and safety reasons, installation and commissioning must only be carried out by an authorised specialist company.


ATON+ comes with the same functionalities as the standard version of “ATON”, although its energy meter features an additional Modbus RTU interface, S0 pulse output and four sensory inputs. This enables communication with foreign devices (e.g., power inverter) without additional modules, as long as the CAN-EZ3 is programmed accordingly, using our programming software TAPPS2.

Visualization & Data logging

The C.M.I. (sold separately) allows end customers safe and easy access to settings, e.g. using a mobile app with readily prepared visualization.

Connect the C.M.I., upload the visualization and access it using a PC or mobile app. Connection to the internet is optional, not necessary.


  • very quick installation
  • preset programming
  • freely programmable for any individual case (integration of further consumers)
  • energy meter and immersion heater ship readily paired
  • connection via CORA-F (radio) or CORA-DL (cable)


  • Optimisation of on-site consumption rate
  • Domestic hot water heating outside the heating season
  • DL bus for controlling power controllers for enhanced energy management
  • Remote access, datalogging and visualisation via C.M.I.

Technical specs

  • CORA wireless range ~1 km free space / 2 reinforced concrete ceilings or walls
  • up to 12 immersion heaters per energy meter
Photovoltaic system up on the roof of our company building

Smart meter fit

Solutions conventionally available on the market use phase-angle control. Smart meters detect the momentary load and this costs the customer money.

Sales and Support

For further questions and orders, we are available via telephone, among others.