Building automation

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Wir verbinden Heizung, Kühlung, Lüftung, Energiemanagement, Solar & PV, Beschattung und Licht

Intelligent automation

Our x2 devices grant you full control over the intelligently automated and centralized regulation of all components of your housing technology system. Anything from heating and cooling to lighting and blind control, even air conditioning is possible. Access via internet (using your browser, iOS or Android app) is made possible by the hardware-interface "C.M.I.". Detailed statistics, individualized schematics and much more is made possible.

Simply programmable

The free software TAPPS2 allows the creation of programming data for your system, using over 40 function blocks. The sky is the limit in terms of fulfilling your requirements. The TA-Designer allows the creation of individualized operating interfaces for the CAN-MTx2, CAN-Touch or the C.M.I. to be viewed in your browser or using our mobile app.

Getting started: x2 Program libraryTA WikiTA Youtube Channel

Quick presentation of the software TAPPS2, which is utilizied in creating programming data for the x2-series of devices (UVR16x2, RSM610, ...) of the Technische Alternative company.


Als Unterstützung für den Einstieg bieten wir rund 20 unterschiedliche Anwendungsbeispiele für die UVR16x2, unter anderem eine Einzelraumregelung, Kesselkaskade und Brennermodulation ebenso wie Jalousiesteuerung und Heizkreisregelungen. Die Programmierungen sind als Ausgangspunkte für Ihre eigenen Projekte gedacht und müssen selbstverständlich an die jeweilige Hydraulik und gewünschte Logik angepasst werden.

Comfortable operation

The comfortable operation via touch screen allows for the simple changing or parameters, monitoring of sensor values, transfer or programming data and much more. The SD card is used for memory. Customers are happy about individualized schematics for their system, always keeping you in charge of what customers are and aren't allowed to do or change.

Modular expandability

No matter what happens, your system always remains expandable. Thanks to the wide selection of extension modules, your controller can always be equipped with additional inputs, ouputs or interfaces. Frequent software and firmware updates give your devices new functions and possibilites, even after many years of service.

Open for others

The extension module CAN-BC2 offers different interfaces for other bus systems like M-Bus, Modus and KNX. On top of that, our JSON API for the C.M.I. offers additional possibilites of using data with other systems.

Übersicht der Schnittstellen
Zugriff via Browser und App für Tablet und Smartphone. Abruf der Loggingdaten für Winsol

App & Web portal

Customers can comfortably access their system using smart phone, tablet or PC. The individually designable interface allows the display of any functions and values you wish to see. On top of that, customers can view logging data in neat diagrams using our web portal, and technicians can see all of their customers' systems (as far as the customer authorized them to do so) to make changes of any capacity.