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Hotel Haffhus

Bild der Hotelanlage Haffhus
The Hotel "Haffhus" in Ueckermuende, Germany
Stephan Janbeck erklärt die Regeltechnik zwei Besuchern beim Energie-Workshop
Stephan Janbeck realized the whole control and regulation system.
Darstellung der aktuellen Leistungsdaten der Erzeuger und Verbraucher sowie dem Ladezustand des Batteriespeichers
Display of the power data of the generators and consumers as well as the SoC of the battery storage unit
The hydraulic diagram serves as an overview in the visualisation
Screenshot der Energiedaten auf der Haffhus Website
Current energy data of the hotel is made available to guests on tablets in the hotel rooms.

Self-sustaining Hotel

Along with the planned expansion of this hotel in 2018, the entire power supply system received an overhaul.

As a result, the hotel is no longer connected to the power grid. In its stead, a wood carburetor, lots of PV panels and heat pumps have been put to work. Four cogeneration plants aid to avoid shortages and to bridge
spikes in consumption. A 500-kWh storage battery, pools and large buffer cylinders serve as storage solutions for excess solar energy.

Besides the coordination of different heat generators, the energy household of the 80-room hotel must be distributed according to demands. This is carried out using several x2 devices in cooperation with the hotel’s in-house software, for example a prognosis for weather and the degree of capacity utilization. Using this data, energy won’t be wasted on unoccupied rooms, or won’t even be generated for them to begin with.


Energy generation

  • 118 kWp Photovoltaic system
  • 1 x modulated heating pump
  • 1x Wood gas cogeneration unit (44 kW thermal / 18 kW electric power output)
  • 4 x combined heat and power units (14 kW thermal / 5.5 kW electric power output)


  • Multiple heating circuits
  • 6 fresh water stations in the apartement houses
  • Sauna & Spa area
  • Outdoor pool
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Other electric consumers (e.g. the hotels kitchen)


  • 1 x 500 kWh battery storage
  • 800 litre buffer storages (1 per apartment house)
  • 1 x 28000 litre buffer storage

This project was realized by:
Stephan Janbeck
Lehbeck 10
24395 Gelting

in cooperation with:
Energietec Thomas Reger
Kagenhof 65
90587 Veitsbronn

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