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Repair and service conditions

This version of our Repair and Service conditions ist valid from 1st March 2018.


If the device is outside the two-year warranty period or damage has been caused through incorrect handling (voltage surge or similar), a fixed repair fee of €30 will be charged. For four-circuit and multiple circuit controllers, the fixed repair fee is €42. For devices that are more than 10 years old or a UVR1611 with serial number 41674, a fixed repair fee of €62 will be charged. If the repair costs are not covered by the fixed repair fee or if repair is not possible, we will let you know. If the fault description is not sufficient, €30 will be charged for the extra administrative and technical work involved, irrespective of the warranty period.


Replacements must generally be arranged with a member of the support team of Technische Alternative RT GmbH. Once the replacement device has been received, the faulty device, along with the enclosed copy of the delivery note, must be returned to Technische Alternative RT GmbH in its entirety. A fully completed replacement notification form is always required for an exchange. The previously stated repair conditions apply to the replaced device. Furthermore, by requesting a replacement device, the customer accepts the following conditions:

  • A handling fee of €42 (€62 for UVR1611 with serial number < 96269) will be charged to replace any device that is outside its warranty period
  • It is not possible to replace a UVR1611 with a serial number below 41674.
  • No handling fee will be charged for devices within the warranty period. Exceptions are devices damaged through incorrect handling.
  • A fixed repair fee may also be incurred.
  • If it is no longer possible or economically worthwhile to repair the device, the price of the replacement device will be charged.

Unfounded complaint

If after inspection no defect in the device is found (operating error, instruction manual not followed), the device shall be returned against payment of an inspection charge of € 30.

Software update

A handling fee of € 30 will be charged for a software update and subsequent system test. If an error is detected during a system test, you will be informed about other repair costs in advance.

Transport costs

All of the above mentioned charges and fees exclude VAT and include packing and domestic shipping. For shipment to EU countries, a shipping charge of € 6 will incur. The shipping costs to third countries are applied according to actual expenditure. We will not accept any packages that are sent to us COD.

Data backup

We assume that all function data and relevant parameter are locked before you return the device. We assume no liability for data loss.

Subject to change without notice.