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Repair and service conditions


In general

Please use our telephone support to prevent unnecessary expenses for sending in actually functioning devices. Errors are frequently caused by adjustment or operating faults. Our qualified team members have a suitable solution for nearly every problem so that in most cases there is no need to send your device in.

If you want to return a device because of a complaint or for an update, please use our RMA system. You can apply for a returns number after a simple registration on our home page This number is needed for control and processing of complaints. You can inquire about the status of your complaint at any time and will be informed about each step by email. Thus you will know precisely whether your device is still in repair, whether the repair was successful and you see the shipping date.

Unfounded complaint

If after inspection no defect in the device is found (operating error, instruction manual not followed) or if the fault description is insufficient, the device shall be returned against payment of an inspection charge of € 26.


If the device is outside its 2 year guarantee period or the damage results as an effect of overvoltage or abnormal ambient conditions, we apply a one-off repair charge of € 30 up to a maximum of € 42. Of course, we also repair older devices. Procurement and stockholding of the required components is more expensive and the repair also costlier. For devices older than 10 years (serial number) or with the UVR1611 below serial number 15000, we add a repair surcharge of € 20.

If it is no longer possible to repair the device, we will inform you.


For an update and a subsequent system test, we apply a processing fee of € 24. If an error is detected during a system test, you will be informed about other repair costs in advance.


In general, a replacement must be agreed with a support team member and will only be accepted if the heat supply is not ensured because of the failure of the device.


Please return the defective device with the enclosed copy of the replacement delivery note only after you have received the replacement device. A fully completed replacement advice form is always required for an exchange. The previously named repair conditions apply for the replaced device. Additionally by requesting a replacement device you declare that you understand and agree with the following conditions:

  • For a hardware or software update arising from the device exchange, a handling fee of € 42 will be applied. (€ 62 for
  • UVR1611 serial number < 15000)
  • An additional one-off repair charge may also be charged.
  • If it is no longer possible or economically worthwhile to repair the device, we will invoice the price of the replacement
  • device.

Transport costs

All of the above mentioned charges and fees exclude VAT and include packing and domestic shipping. For shipment to EU countries, a shipping charge of € 6 will incur. The shipping costs to third countries are applied according to actual expenditure. We will not accept any packages that are sent to us COD.

Data backup

We assume that all function data and relevant parameter are locked before you return the device. We assume no liability for data loss.


Subject to change without notice.