Heating & Cooling

Heizraum mit mehreren Heizkreispumpen

Heating controller

The simplest and most affordable solution for the regulation of one mixed heating circuit is offered by the UVR65. For applications beyond that, we recommend the freely programmable x2 series of products. This series allows the flexible regulation of an entire system.


Als Unterstützung für den Einstieg bieten wir rund 20 unterschiedliche Anwendungsbeispiele für die UVR16x2, unter anderem eine Einzelraumregelung, Kesselkaskade und Brennermodulation ebenso wie Jalousiesteuerung und Heizkreisregelungen. Die Programmierungen sind als Ausgangspunkte für Ihre eigenen Projekte gedacht und müssen selbstverständlich an die jeweilige Hydraulik und gewünschte Logik angepasst werden.

Cooling circuit controller

You wish to cool a room, or even have it switching between cooling and heating? Then our freely programmable controllers are exactly what you're looking for.

Independent of producers

Our controllers are universally usable, since we use standardized and widely popular signals for inputs, outputs and interfaces.

Simple installation

Our controllers come with installation kits and mounting material, extensive user manuals and terminal diagrams, rendering installation easy as can be.

Remote access & optimization

Remote access to your customer's systems saves you time and money. Data logging allows the monitoring of the system's behavior.

Apartment building with solar system on roof
Solar system on an appartment building's roof

Solar controller

Our single-circuit controllers are ideal for the regulation of simple solar systems, intentionally kept simple to allow for swift installation and maximum reliability. For up to three differential circuits or an additional heating circuit, the universal controller UVR65 offers an affordable alternative.

Swimming pool regulation

You want to heat your swimming pool using solar power? The differential controller SBR22 allows control of a pump and a switching valve.

Heated swimming pool


We have controllers with as little as 2 or as many as 16 inputs, suitable for any requirement. It's not just sensors for temperature (PT1000, KTY, NTC, ...), rooms, insolation, humidity and and rain, but also the capability to read pulses, voltage, resistance (1-100kΩ, digital), 0-10V and 4-20mA that our controllers' inputs have to offer.


Our controllers are equipped with up to 16 outputs. 230V outputs are equipped with relays, and some devices can optionally be equipped with Triac outputs. Beyond that, we also offer PWM (pulse width modulation), 0-10 V and 24 V outputs. Our auxiliary relays allow extension by additional relay outputs, on top of controllers themselves offering the possibility of potential-free outputs.


In addition to our self-made DL-Bus and CAN-Bus, we also offer interfaces for M-Bus, Modbus and KNX using extension modules (CAN-BC2). On top of that, our controllers UVR65, UVR16x2 as well as the devices C.M.I.CAN-MTx2 and CAN-Touch are equipped with an SD card slot.