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Solar heating for a nursery home

This solar thermal system, measuring 70 m² in size, serves to heat domestic water and support heating.

For this nursery home in Hude, Germany, a 70 m2 large solar thermal system with vacuum tube collectors was installed, which loads into a specifically designed 4000-litre buffer. Both withdrawal from and stratification into the buffer occurs based on demand and current temperatures of the strata, which guarantees optimal usage of heat.


Two UVR16x2 serve as universal controllers for the system, which also control buffer withdrawals and heat distribution across two heating circuits. These two controllers also activate a gas boiler and a ventilation system.


Thanks to wide-ranging monitoring, including output of error messages, “Weser Solar” is informed via e-mail about any problems in a timely manner. Remote access to the whole system via C.M.I. is always available. This allowed optimisation and adjustments based on logged data, even after implementation and during operation.


  • 70 m² solar heating
  • 2x 70 kW gas boilers
  • 1x 4000 litre stratified buffer tank
  • 2 DHW stations
  • 2 heating circuits

This project was realized by:

WeserSolar GmbH & Co. KG
27798 Hude, Deutschland

Main contractor