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Summer home

Außenansicht des Sommerhauses
The summer home in denmark with a part of the solar thermal system
Ansicht der Innenräume
Screenshot der Visualisierung, Ansicht des Hydraulikschemas
the hydraulic scheme
Screenshot der Visualisierung aller relevanter Daten bis hin zu Sonnenstand und -höhe
Visualisation overview
Screenshot der Logdaten Auswertung
Online datalogging - march 2020

Summer home on Møn

For their own summer home on the island of Møn (Denmark), this married couple of architects counted on the control technology of the TA. Implementation proved difficult due to their irregular usage.

The summer home spans across an area of about 110 m2 and, from March to October, was to be supplied with heat and DHW entirely by a solar thermal system. Due to the low amount of sunlight in Denmark during the winter, plenty of solar panels were built (6x 20 tube collectors, split into eastward and westward arrangements).

In the wintertime, a wood-fired oven with a water tank and a backup electric immersion heater are used to heat up the buffer tank. The house is a private summer home, the irregular usage of which posed quite the challenge. Outside of vacation times, it is only in use during weekends.

Humidity as a critical factor

The house was to be brought to a comfortable indoor temperature rather quickly, while frequent cooling without problems relating to humidity needed to be possible as well.

Therefore, the house is built only from light materials with low thermal mass. Indoors, all rooms are arranged around a wooden core structure which serves as a buffer for humidity during the cooling process. The latter of which the owner wanted to prove with a long-term test run. This is the reason for the high number of sensors in the house, which have been logged and recorded for almost four years.

The entire control system is centered around a UVR16x2 and RSM610 with a CMI. The CMI serves as remote access; the programming of the controllers is structured around a choice of different modes – depending on the season and presence of people.

The UVR controller also regulates the mechanical ventilation in the bathroom, air intake for ventilation on the bathroom and kitchen (fume hood, 2x Berbel brand air intake valves) and the control of roof windows.



  • East/west solar system (3x 20 solar tube collectors each)
  • Wood-fired oven with water tank
  • Electronic immersion heater for buffer


  • 1 heating circuit
  • 1 DHW station


  • 1 buffer tank

This project was realised by:
Marie-Gesine and Jan Schipull Kauschen