x2 series
Controller for heating & cooling systems, ventilation and more



Our main range of products are the many controlling devices for heating and solar systems. We offer the choice between simple controller designed for solar systems, universal controlelrs with well above 800 programms and freely programmable controllers, that covers the requirements of even the most complex system and smart home applications.

Building automation and smart home

Our freely programmable x2 series of products not only allows the intelligent regulation of heating, but also of shading and lighting, combined use with M-Bus, Modbus and KNX systems, and soon enough the entirety of energy-management all around any building.

Remote access & data logging

Did you ever have to drive for countless miles to a customer's system, only to change a few parameters? With our C.M.I. you'll be able to do that and much more for your customres, without having to even leave your office. And that is just one of the many advantages that the C.M.I. allows you to offer to your customers. Useful visualizations for smart phone, tablet and PC, firmware updates and data logging from afar are also among the possibilites. If you wish, you can limit access to your customers home-network by just setting one tick in the settings, to keep things off the internet.

Fresh water stations

Electronically regulated fresh water stations a logical expansion of our range of products. Systems with reliable technology and astounding performance regarding output capacity and spreading thanks to our own regulation strategy.


We have controllers with as little as 2 or as many as 16 inputs, suitable for any requirement. It's not just sensors for temperature (PT1000, KTY, NTC, ...), rooms, insolation, humidity and and rain, but also the capability to read pulses, voltage, resistance (1-100kΩ, digital), 0-10V and 4-20mA that our controllers' inputs have to offer.


Our controllers are equipped with up to 16 outputs. 230V outputs are equipped with relays, and some devices can optionally be equipped with Triac outputs. Beyond that, we also offer PWM (pulse width modulation), 0-10 V and 24 V outputs. Our auxiliary relays allow extension by additional relay outputs, on top of controllers themselves offering the possibility of potential-free outputs.


In addition to our self-made DL-Bus and CAN-Bus, we also offer interfaces for M-Bus, Modbus and KNX using extension modules (CAN-BC2). On top of that, our controllers UVR65, UVR16x2 as well as the devices C.M.I.CAN-MTx2 and CAN-Touch are equipped with an SD card slot.