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Immersion heater - 3000 W

Heizstab - 3000 W
Heizstab - 3000 W

Immersion heater - 3000 W

currently not available
Icon Energy management, Power-to-Heat

The EHS immersion heater switches the heating output in 750 W stages. In conjunction with the controlled EHS-R immersion heater or ATON, it is possible to arrange cascades economically. In the process, the EHS-R always performs the fine adjustment, which enables variable control of the output to be achieved.

Icon CORA-FIcon CORA-DLIcon InputsIcon Interfaces

3 Inputs

  • 2 sensor inputs PT1000
  • 1 PWM input (in steps of 25%) if not CORA-controlled


  • CORA-F (wireless)
  • CORA-DL (wired)

total length of immersion heater: 410 mm
screw thread: 1 1/2"


The program F-Editor allows you to create and edit the configuration of the equipment CAN-MT, CAN I/O, CAN-BC, CAN-EZ and BL-NET. These newly created or edited data can then be transferred to the device with the Memory Manager and the Bootloader.

B2B Sales

Professionals can order by e-mail, stating their customer number.

Order information

Starting April 3rd, our immersion heater products (01/EHS, 01/EHS-R, 01/ATON und 01/ATON+) can be ordered again. To stand a chance against the high demand, certain precautions will be taken and temporary rules apply.

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Use in fresh water tanks

We expressly advise against using our heating rods in drinking water storage tanks! The heating rod is intended for installation in buffer storage tanks in which heating water is circulating.

Due to galvanic reactivity, the immersion heaters are not suitable for installation in DHW cylinders. Install in such cylinders at own risk. This requires specific, standardized measures and frequent inspection (e.g., of the sacrificial anode).

We do not offer any guarantee or warranty in case of calcification and galvanic corrosion!

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