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PC Software

Our software products are available for Windows only.


The program TA-Designer enables the programming of the CAN-Touch and the easy creation of an online schema for the C.M.I. and the BL- NET.

Current Version

Download TA-Designer (v1.19)
63 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlands


The CAD software TAPPS2 allows creating configurations graphically for all x2 devices and the UVR1611.

Current Version

TAPPS2 (v1.12)
21 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlands

Current Linux Version

TAPPS2 32-bit DEB (v1.12)23 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlands 
TAPPS2 32-bit RPM (v1.12)23 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlands 
TAPPS2 64-bit DEB (v1.12)23 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlands 
TAPPS2 64-bit RPM (v1.12)23 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlands 


Software to simulate the x2 function data on the PC.

Current Version

X2-Simulator (v1.31)
1 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlandsdansk


Software to simulate the function of RSM610 data on the PC.

Current Version

RSM610-Simulator (v1.17)
1 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlandsdansk


Winsol enables the recording and evaluation of the data recorded by the data logger (C.M.I., BL-NET or D-LOGG).

Achtung: Möglicherweise muss die Firmware des Datenloggers aktualisiert werden, um diesen mit der aktuellen Version von Winsol verwenden zu können!

Unterstützte Datenlogger:

  • C.M.I. - ab Version 1.25
  • BL-NET - ab Version 2.17
  • D-LOGG / BL232 - ab Version 2.9

Current Version

Winsol (v2.09)
10 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlandsdansk

Current Linux Version

Winsol 32-bit DEB (v2.09)10 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlandsdansk 
Winsol 32-bit RPM (v2.09)10 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlandsdansk 
Winsol 64-bit DEB (v2.09)11 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlandsdansk 
Winsol 64-bit RPM (v2.09)11 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitalianočeskýnederlandsdansk 


The program F-Editor allows you to create and edit the configuration of the equipment CAN-MT, CAN I/O, CAN-BC, CAN-EZ and BL-NET. These newly created or edited data can then be transferred to the device with the Memory Manager and the Bootloader.

Current Version

F-Editor (v1.12)
1 MB (zip),Languages:deutschenglishfrançaisespañolitaliano

Old Software

Our archive, for software, which will not be developed any further.