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UVR1611K-N mit Konsole für Wandmontage
UVR1611S-N für Schaltfeldeinbau / Hutschienenmontage
Abmessungen UVR1611K-N [mm]

Freely programmable universal controller

Icon solar array controller, charging pump controller, swimming pool controllerIcon heating controllerIcon Ventilation controller, e.g. depending on CO2 valuesIcon Controlling the air conditioning

New console, new built-in version, new 11 relays!

The UVR1611 unit can be freely programmed to match every system configuration for heating management through the use of function modules. Together with the interface C.M.I., it is possible to operate this controller via LAN network or web portal, to monitor it and show an interactive visualisation on PC, smart phone or tablet. Using the CAN monitor (CAN-MT) or CAN-Touch, remote control of the controller is possible. Further CAN bus  components make it possible to exchange information with a KNX/EIB bus network, to  increase the number of inputs and outputs and to meter energy. The module is programmed using the TAPPS2 software.

Icon DL-masterIcon InputsIcon OutputsIcon Interfaces

16 inputs:

  • 16 sensor inputs for PT1000 or KTY sensors
    Two inputs, also as pulse input and one input for analogue signals 4-20mA or 0-10V

11 outputs:

  • 11 relay outputs
  • 2 further outputs through relay modules HIREL-230V, HIREL-PF or HIREL22 can be retrofitted
  • 2 analogue outputs 0-10 V / PWM


The CAD software TAPPS2 allows creating configurations graphically for all x2 devices and the UVR1611.


The program TA-Designer enables the programming of the CAN-Touch and the easy creation of an online schema for the C.M.I. and the BL- NET.


Winsol enables the recording and evaluation of the data recorded by the data logger (C.M.I., BL-NET or D-LOGG).


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