Energy management

Extensive load and energy management

The x2 functions for energy management combined with the energy meter CAN-EZ3 and power controllers allow many options for optimizing private power consumption of PV systems, as well as effective load management and targeted usage of excess power.

70% infeed rule

In Germany, according to the EEG, no more than 70% of the nominal power may be fed into the grid, e.g. 7 kW of a 10 kWp system. The x2 series lets you optimize your private consumption, such that ideally the inverter’s effective power limiter won’t be necessary. We’ll show you how [Link only available in German).

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Controlling several consumers

1st example: The higher the number of switchable consumers in a building, the more you can influence private consumption. One of the most efficient ways for that is the request of a heat pump to load a buffer cylinder.

simplified visualization to clearly show a possible use case

This way, you’ll produce your DHW over the sunny time of the year using your own power and you’ll support your heating efforts in transitional periods. Further consumers such as electrical heating panels, IR panels or sauna stoves can additionally be controlled. If supported interfaces are available (e.g., 0-10V, Modbus), a wallbox to charge electric cars can be integrated into the energy management system.


2nd example: ATON is a plug & play solution to use surplus PV energy – without additional wiring. It consists of an energy meter and an immersion heater, continuously controllable from 50W up to 3 kW, for mounting in a combi or buffer storage cylinder.

Wirelessly connected, the energy meter transmits the available power to the immersion heater. The immersion heater sends all measured values (HLCS, internal temperature and measurements of both external sensors) back to the energy meter.

Plug & Play Lösung für Power-to-Heat
simplified visualization to clearly show a possible use case

Visualization & data logging

The C.M.I. (sold separately) allows end customers safe and easy access to settings, e.g. using a mobile app with readily prepared visualization.

Connect the C.M.I., upload the visualization and access it using a PC or mobile app. Connection to the internet is optional, not necessary.


  • Minimal installation thanks to the new x2 wireless technology and factory settings
  • Freely programmable for individual demands
  • Energy meter and immersion heater coupled by default
  • Cascadable with up to 12 immersion heaters per energy meter
  • Wireless range ~1km in the open / 2 reinforced concrete floors or walls


  • Optimization of private consumption quota
  • DHW preparation outside of heating periods
  • Support of heating efforts
  • Regulation of power controllers via DL-bus for extended energy management
  • Remote access, data logging and visualization via C.M.I.
  • Dynamic („soft“) limitation of active power (EEG 2012, Germany)


Other commercially available solutions use phase angle control. Smart meters detect their short-term usage of power, which costs the consumer money.

The intelligent immersion heater of the ATON set has sinusoidal power consumption, which avoids the unnecessary and costly power consumption.