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CAN energy meter 3

Like the CAN-EZ2, the new CAN energy meter records electrical and thermal energy flows. It is programmed using TAPPS2 software.


  • Comprehensive energy management to optimise on-site consumption from a photovoltaic system
  • Load management (e.g. to reduce load peaks in a commercial setting)
  • Integration of various consumers such as immersion heaters, infrared panels, washing machines, air conditioners and ventilation units
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Price group 1

without current sensors

Set of 3 hinged current transformers (50 A, the CAN-EZ3 can measure 3x 10 kVA)

Set of 3 hinged current transformers (100 A, the CAN-EZ3 can measure 3x 20 kVA)

Set of 3 hinged current transformers (400 A, the CAN-EZ3 can measure 3x 70 kVA/~300 A)

  • Max. 10 kVA per phase; up to 20 kVA per phase as an option (CAN-EZ3/60)
  • Mounting kit in control cabinet for 45 mm standard installation bezel
  • Scaling of measured output possible with the mathematics function in TAPPS2
  • External clip-on current sensors allow quick change of the measured conductor. Voltage measurement inputs are integrated for all three phases. Connecting the first phase only is sufficient for a less precise measurement.


  • 4 analogue inputs
  • 2 slots for direct connection of FTS-sensors


  • CAN-Bus
  • CORA-F
  • DL-Bus
  • Micro SD-Card
  • Modbus RTU

Dimensions housing (W x H x D): 106 x 91 mm, 45 mm standard installation bezel

CAN-EZ3 Firmware


The CAD software TAPPS2 allows creating configurations graphically for all x2 devices and the UVR1611.


The program TA-Designer enables the programming of the CAN-Touch and the easy creation of an online schema for the C.M.I. and the BL- NET.


Winsol enables the recording and evaluation of the data recorded by the data logger (C.M.I., BL-NET or D-LOGG).


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