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ATON - Power to Heat

Stufenlos regelbarer Heizstab (50 W - 3 kW)
Stufenlos regelbarer Heizstab (50 W - 3 kW)
ATON Energiezähler
ATON Energiezähler

ATON - Power to Heat

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ATON is a plug & play solution for using surplus PV energy – without additional wiring. It consists of an energy meter and an immersion heater, which can be variably controlled from 50 W to 3 kW, for installation in a buffer cylinder. Through a wireless connection, the energy meter (x2-tech) specifies the output the immersion heater can consume. The immersion heater sends all measurements (high limit safety cut-out, internal temperature and the values of the two external sensors) back to the energy meter.


  • Minimal installation effort thanks to new x2 wireless technology and factory program
  • Freely programmable for individual requirements
  • Energy meter and immersion heater are connected ex works
  • Up to 12 immersion heaters per energy meter
  • Wireless range ~1 km free space / 2 reinforced concrete ceilings or walls


  • Optimisation of on-site consumption rate
  • Central heating backup
  • Domestic hot water heating outside the heating season (e.g. via a fresh water module)
  • Limited use with cylinders for drinking water!
  • DL bus for controlling power controllers for enhanced energy management
  • Remote access, datalogging and visualisation via C.M.I.
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Scope of delivery:

  • Immersion heater EHS-R 3kW
  • DHW tank sensor BFPT1000
  • energy meter CAN-EZ3A
  • 3 current sensors (50 A, the CAN-EZ3 can measure 3x 10 kVA)
  • external radio antenna


  • DL bus
  • CAN bus
  • Micro SD card
  • wireless

The immersion heater is eligible for use in drinking water environments, but eligibility for installation in cylinders for DHW or drinking water is limited by galvanic reactions. Refer to manual for details!

CAN-EZ3 Firmware

EHS / EHS-R Firmware

Older Versions


The CAD software TAPPS2 allows creating configurations graphically for all x2 devices and the UVR1611.


The program TA-Designer enables the programming of the CAN-Touch and the easy creation of an online schema for the C.M.I. and the BL- NET.


Winsol enables the recording and evaluation of the data recorded by the data logger (C.M.I., BL-NET or D-LOGG).


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